FAQ’s – AMPFace

See some of the most common questions and answers in relation to AMP below. This FAQ’s are primarily for those using or considering use AMP with WordPress, so be sure to checkout the various resources and FAQ’s also at www.amp.dev or other resources for general AMP questions and answers.

If there is anything else you would like to add to this section feel free to add your own FAQs by emailing info@ampface.io, or by submitting your suggestion via our contact form.

Is AMPFace Free?

Yes, the basic version of AMPFace is free, which includes everything you need to get started and creating a native or AMP valid replica of your website.

Why should I use AMPFace?

Well, if you want to easily achieve a 100% AMP valid WordPress website then it’s a no-brainer. It’s easy to use, it looks the same in AMP as it does non AMP and it loads fast. There are also a huge array of custom options and it doesn’t use any Framework, just simple WordPress options, configurable from within the theme.

Do I need anything additional installed to make my website AMP compatible?

You will need an AMP plugin. We recommend the official AMP plugin, which is a free extension. Using this plugin you it takes just a few steps and your website can be AMP valid, and looking the same in appearance as your non AMP.

I installed the theme but I have lost some functionality, whats going on?

Most likely your plugin is using jQuery. No problem, just enable jQuery from with the AMPFace theme options and all should be good (Appearance > Themes > Customize > AMPFace Options > jQuery). Please note using jQuery means you are using JavaScript, which is not permitted in AMP. You can use the plugin to choose what course of action to take on URLs featuring this functionality.

I don’t want to use AMP, should I use AMPFace?

That’s up to to you decide, AMPFace works just as well before AMP. Test it out and if it fits your purpose, great!

How do I install one of the AMPFace Demos?

The demo’s will be available for purchase in good time! We are working hard to create various demo’s which you can install with just a few clicks, demo’s for all business purposes.

Is the website AMPFace.io built with the AMPFace theme?

It sure is, with a little customisation. The AMPFace theme was created from a fork of the Twenty Sixteen theme, so it’s easy to use and uses WordPress core coding standards only.

Are there plans to create more themes or plugins that are AMP compatible?

We plan on releasing some plugins next, to make it easy to achieve things otherwise not to readily available in WordPress and AMP. So stayed tuned, or keep up to date with us on our various social media platforms.