Identifying if your website is ready for AMP…

identifying AMP Websites

Making use of AMP is particular useful for website owners who place an importance on website speed, but speed shouldn’t be the only consideration. How to you decide whether AMP is a suitable option for you and your website? We’ve put together some tips and guidance below to assist you. And also note that our AMPFace theme works just as well without using AMP as it does with AMP.

Quick Tip: Preview your website without JavaScript

If you wish to preview how your website might function when AMP is activated then make use of a JavaScript toggle. AMP doesn’t support custom JavaScript and disabling all custom JavaScript will give you an indication of what will work – and what won’t work by default when you start using AMP. Click on the link below to visit a Chrome extension we frequently use.
JavaScript Toggle Chrome Extension

Is your website serving static content?

If you have a blog style website, which mainly features content in the form of text, images and videos then you are a great use case for AMP. Most likely you don’t have much JavaScript or non AMP valid functionality, ensuring you don’t need to replace such functionality with AMP components or find AMP valid alternatives.

Are you using a Content Management System (CMS)?

By visiting this website we assume you are a WordPress user, which is great! Using WordPress makes AMP adoption easy, as the official AMP plugin automatically converts standard HTML into AMP HTML.

Most other content management systems also support AMP in the form of plugins or extensions. If you are using Drupal, Joomla, Magento or others then luckily there are AMP possibilities which ensure AMP Adoption is easier than custom programming. Check with your CMS for AMP compatibility.

Does your website have plugins,features or functionality that require JavaScript?

AMP doesn’t fully support custom JavaScript, so if you are using a plugin that depends on this language then you will need to check with the developer of the plugin for AMP compatibility. Otherwise you can see if any of the AMP components can be used as a replacement.

If your website already fast?

While having a slow performing website would increase the importance of AMP that doesn’t mean faster performing websites should disregard AMP. Having an AMP version of your website, or going 100% AMP brings the following benefits:

  • Your content can be featured in the AMP News Carousal
  • Your website will load instantly no matter where its accessed, thanks to the AMP content delivery network.
  • AMP uses Lazy Loading by default (a performance improvement)
  • Your content can be features in AMP news aggregators such as Google discovery or Flipboard
  • Your website follows strict coding standards, ensuring consistancy, reliability and performance.

Do you have the technical resources?

If you are not using an AMP compatible theme, or you have some functionality thats not supported in AMP then you might need the technical resources to implement AMP components or make changes to your website install.

Hopefully the sections above will assist you in deciding whether AMP is a viable option for you.

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