Video: Installing the official AMP plugin

Our AMPFace WordPress theme works perfectly with the official WordPress AMP Plugin, in particular using “Transitional” or “Native” mode. If you have installed AMPFace (or indeed any other theme) you can use the guide below to get your website AMP valid in a matter of minutes.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard hover over the “Plugins” menu item and then click on the “Add Plugin” option. ( See image)
  2. Do a search for “AMP” using the search bar on the top right and wait for the search results to populate. ( See image)
  3. When you see the search result look for the plugin titled simply “AMP”, which lists “AMP Project Contributors” as the author. ( See image)
  4. Click on the “Install Now” button ( See image)
  5. Click on the “Activate” button ( See image)
  6. You now have the plugin installed, you just need to choose a mode. We always suggest using ‘Transitional” or “Native” if using AMPFace. From your WordPress admin dashboard hover over “AMP” and click on “General”. ( See image)
  7. Choose your mode and then test the AMP version of your website. To learn more about the different modes see this blog entry, or visit the official plugin website.

Quick Tip: How to view your AMP pages

If you want to view your AMP URLs you have various options. The option we always like to recommend is to use the Chrome extension called “AMP Validator”. With just 1 click you can view the AMP versions of any website (not just your own). Click on the link below to download.
AMP Validator Chrome Extension